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Women Often Cry When Making Love

Women Often Cry After Sex

Women Often Cry After Sex  – In our minds, sexual intercourse should create a feeling of happiness, comfort, and relaxation in the body. However, there are people who actually cry after doing it.

Apparently, crying after sex is quite normal and can happen to anyone. In that sense, many people experience this. Another study showed that 41 percent of male respondents also cried after sex. these cries are generally accompanied by a variety of feelings. Starting from sad, disturbed, to happy.

1. Happy cry

It is difficult to predict how the body will react after sexual intercourse. Especially if you have just had the greatest orgasm or other unique experience that you have never had before.

These intense feelings can make you emotional and eventually shed tears. In other words, you are so happy you cry. This often happens when sex is done with people we love.

2. Crying due to hormonal factors

Crying can also be caused by hormonal factors. Generally, orgasm makes dopamine and oxytocin levels skyrocket. Both play a role in creating feelings of happiness.

However, in certain cases the two hormones actually decrease dramatically after orgasm. This ultimately makes us feel sad and empty until we cry.

3. Pain after sexual intercourse

Crying is also closely related to painful sexual intercourse. In the medical world, this condition is called dyspareunia or the appearance of pain during sex. Generally, it is women who experience this.

There are several causes for the pain. The following include:

Lack of lubrication process;
Irritation of sex organs;
Vaginal infection;
Urinary tract infection;
Eczema in the area of ​​the sex organs;
Vaginal muscle tension;
Pelvic inflammatory disease;
Menopause side effects.

4. Anxiety disorders

Crying after sex can also occur due to anxiety disorders. This is often experienced by someone who has sexual performance anxiety or anxiety about his sexual performance.

They generally worry about not meeting their partner’s expectations, worry about body shape, facial expressions, and so on. When these feelings come to the surface, the person experiencing them is depressed and ends up crying.

5. Depression

A 2019 study from Queensland University of Technology, Australia, shows that depression and other psychological problems are closely related to postcoital dysphoria. This condition affects all aspects of life, including sex.

Depression is difficult to identify. However, generally this condition is characterized by continuous sadness, feelings of emptiness, anxiety, irritability, difficulty sleeping, and loss of interest in everything. If you or your partner experiences this, you should immediately consult a psychologist or psychiatrist.