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Things To Do If You Have Roommates

Things To Do If You Have Roommates

Things To Do If You Have Roommates – Staying with a roommate is not an easy matter. The case of different hygiene standards, maybe just one that has to be extra patient. One of the most common cases is that when one of them is sick, the roommate is the first to catch it.

In a situation where everyone must be aware of the spread of the corona virus like now, the lifestyle with roommates must also be improved. Instead of being an extra burden on the mind, living with a roommate should actually make us feel like we are friends

1. Encourage him to have a healthy lifestyle

If you used to live with a dirty roommate before, now is the time for you to change him. Talk openly about serious funds about a healthy lifestyle and encourage him to do so.

2. Start a cleaning schedule

Maybe you have had a disagreement with your roommate over a cleaning schedule that didn’t work. Now, make the right moment to relive the schedule again. If previously washing door knobs, cabinets, and drawers was not included in the list, it’s better now to add it immediately, OK.

3. Hygiene product shopping fees

Yup, this advantage can only be achieved by people who live together. You can join forces to buy cleaning products, such as hand sanitizers, hand washing soap, mop soap, and bathroom cleaners. Remember, you have to improve cleanliness in all places in the house inside, huh.

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4. Discuss the risk factors for each

Each person’s risk factors can vary. You must understand your own risk factors before discussing them with your roommate. That way, you can provide understanding and at the same time ask for the response you want from your roommate.

5. Mentally support each other

With hoaxes scattered everywhere about the corona virus, you and your roommate have to be able to calm each other down. In situations like these, it’s important to always be calm, alert, and educated. Don’t you feel anxious just because of unnecessary things, huh!