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Prohibition That Causes Toxic Relationships

Prohibition That Causes Toxic Relationships

Prohibition That Causes Toxic Relationships – Toxic relationships that occur in a relationship are often not realized by the partners. Toxic relationships also start with some small prohibitions.

Dating is indeed a common process that every couple who wants to know whether they can continue or not to a more serious stage will go through. However, most of the time during this courtship you may find a boyfriend who regulates it more than the legal partner.

Prohibiting for good is fine. However, you have to take note, if he forbids you to do these five things, he is not the right girlfriend for you because it will lead to a toxic relationship.

1. Forbid you from pursuing a career

Career is a personal decision. No one can dictate your career, including your boyfriend. The future is a personal right. So, you better find someone who can support you, not prohibiting you from getting a good career opportunity.

The problem with this career is also related to personal income. Is he willing to bear your living expenses? If he can’t afford it, you should be aware that his prohibition is leading to a bad direction.

2. Forbid you to help financially for the family

It is not unusual for children to be moved to help their families financially. Because your family raised you. However, if suddenly a boyfriend who, in fact, just met him immediately forbids you to support your family financially, is that the right person? For the family he counts. What’s with other people?

3. Forbid you to play with your playmates

Dating does not mean you change your social environment and friendships. The problem is, not all girlfriends like their boyfriends to have friends of the opposite sex in one community. However, that friend may be there longer before you get to know your boyfriend. So, if by going out with him, you lose your friends, what for? That’s acutely possessive.

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4. Forbid you to tell the truth to your own parents

This means that you are sometimes told to lie to your parents. Maybe to cover up his mistake or for whatever reason. A good boyfriend won’t teach his girlfriend to lie. If you are told to lie with your parents, isn’t it impossible, right, he keeps a lot of lies from you?

5. Forbid you to worship, fix toxic!

The last and the most fatal is prohibiting you from worshiping. There are various reasons, that day it was time to go out with him or maybe you were dating from different religions, so he indoctrinated you to learn his religion. You better think again if your boyfriend forbids you to worship. This is a matter of faith, it concerns your life.