Prohibition That Causes Toxic Relationships

Prohibition That Causes Toxic Relationships – Toxic relationships that occur in a relationship are often not realized by the partners. Toxic relationships also start with some small prohibitions.

Dating is indeed a common process that every couple who wants to know whether they can continue or not to a more serious stage will go through. However, most of the time during this courtship you may find a boyfriend who regulates it more than the legal partner.

Prohibiting for good is fine. However, you have to take note, if he forbids you to do these five things, he is not the right girlfriend for you because it will lead to a toxic relationship.

1. Forbid you from pursuing a career

Career is a personal decision. No one can dictate your career, including your boyfriend. The future is a personal right. So, you better find someone who can support you, not prohibiting you from getting a good career opportunity.

The problem with this career is also related to personal income. Is he willing to bear your living expenses? If he can’t afford it, you should be aware that his prohibition is leading to a bad direction.

2. Forbid you to help financially for the family

It is not unusual for children to be moved to help their families financially. Because your family raised you. However, if suddenly a boyfriend who, in fact, just met him immediately forbids you to support your family financially, is that the right person? For the family he counts. What’s with other people?

3. Forbid you to play with your playmates

Dating does not mean you change your social environment and friendships. The problem is, not all girlfriends like their boyfriends to have friends of the opposite sex in one community. However, that friend may be there longer before you get to know your boyfriend. So, if by going out with him, you lose your friends, what for? That’s acutely possessive.

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4. Forbid you to tell the truth to your own parents

This means that you are sometimes told to lie to your parents. Maybe to cover up his mistake or for whatever reason. A good boyfriend won’t teach his girlfriend to lie. If you are told to lie with your parents, isn’t it impossible, right, he keeps a lot of lies from you?

5. Forbid you to worship, fix toxic!

The last and the most fatal is prohibiting you from worshiping. There are various reasons, that day it was time to go out with him or maybe you were dating from different religions, so he indoctrinated you to learn his religion. You better think again if your boyfriend forbids you to worship. This is a matter of faith, it concerns your life.…

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Finding the Official Online Football Site

Finding the Official Online Football Site – For soccer gambling game lovers who want to try playing on online gambling sites, they must find a trusted site.

When participating in online soccer gambling activities, it is necessary to have a place or site for a soccer gambling agent that is truly official and trusted.

Because only these agents are able to provide satisfaction to all players. With the number of  sbobet88 soccer betting sites that exist today.

So, a powerful way is needed to be able to get an official online soccer gambling agent site. Because not all online gambling agent sites on the internet can all be said to be official or trusted. In fact, some of them are fake agent sites that are only concerned with one-sided profit.

Finding the Official Online Football Site

Talking about ways that can be used to find the status of the official online soccer gambling agent site. Well, on this occasion we will provide information on how to find official soccer gambling agent sites that you can apply. Here’s how:

Pay attention to bonus offers

The way to find out that the soccer gambling agent site of your choice is official or not is by looking at the bonus offer that is presented.

Basically, when you enter a soccer gambling agent site there will be lots of bonus offers that you really need to pay attention to.

This is because, if you find a bonus offer that is absurd or reasonable, such as for example a 200% deposit bonus, 200% cashback, then you can be sure that the agent site is a fake / fraudulent site.

Official Football Gambling Agent Site Minimum Deposit 25,000

Then another way that you can use to ensure other official soccer gambling agent sites is that you can see the initial deposit offered. If you find a soccer gambling agent site that requires you to make a deposit at a nominal value of more than 100,000 ++. So, you should suspect it because official soccer gambling agent sites always apply a cheap minimum deposit to anyone.

Many of the Review Results Smelled Positive

The next way that you can use to determine whether the soccer gambling agent site is official or not is to look at the review results from the site.

Of course, official soccer gambling agent sites always get good / positive reviews. Because, the reviews from its members are the most proving that the site is worthy of being played and has quality.

Therefore, when you want to determine the official soccer gambling agent site, pay attention to see the results of reviews from the players. Because, you will get a picture in the future to play on the agent’s site.

Official Football Gambling Agent Sites Always Facilitated Form

A way that is also no less effective in finding the search for official soccer gambling agent sites is to look at the ownership of the form.

The form is a form and in the world of online gambling, official agent sites always have a complete form. Like what? Namely, such as forms for registration, forms for making deposits, and forms for making withdrawals.

Which is where the function of the form will make it easier for members or prospective players who want to join him.…

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Signs That Our Partner Is Afraid Of Losing

Signs That Our Partner Is Afraid Of Losing – A partner who loves you very much must keep this relationship in order to stay afloat and away from problems that create rifts in the relationship. He is very afraid of breaking up with you because now you are the most important person and he loves him.

It is certain that he is also afraid of losing you. It’s just that, you are not aware of this attitude. If you want to determine for yourself whether he is afraid of losing you or not, then try to pay attention to his attitude.

If he shows any of the following signs, then it is certain that he is really afraid of losing you.

1. Treat you very well and special

When your partner falls in love and loves you very much, then he will show a kind attitude to you. You can see how he treats you, starting from him who cares for you, cares about your situation and always prioritizes you in his life.

He will always act like that. In fact, his attitude that continues like this which is kind and privileged continues to prove that even he does not only love you, but also afraid of losing you because you have become a part of his life.

2. He never forces anything from you

As long as you are in a relationship with him, you will never feel his attitude that forces you. He can accept you with all his heart without wanting to change a bit in you.

On the other hand, under any circumstances if his request is not obeyed by you, he will not force you. He’s acting like this because he wants you to feel comfortable by his side and this relationship can go on forever.

3. He can always forgive the mistakes you did

Be grateful for you if you have a partner who can always forgive all the mistakes you do, be they trivial or fatal mistakes. It’s not easy for everyone to accept and forgive their partner’s mistakes, especially if it’s upsetting.

He who can forgive you proves so much affection and love for you. There was never a desire in him to be angry, then leave you. So, in return you have to be nice to him.

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4. He always responds quickly when you need him

Doesn’t it feel good when your partner can always respond quickly? Either in terms of communication or about being asked for help by you because you feel that you are prioritized by him.

Actually, not only does he prioritize you, but he also shows the attitude that he is very afraid of losing you. Therefore, as much as possible he will always be there for him so that you never wait long.

5. He is open about everything without covering anything up

As much as he loves you all this time, he will never be able to be open about things in his life because some of those things are related to his privacy and only he can know.

However, it’s different if he loves her and is also afraid of losing you, his attitude will always open up to you. It doesn’t matter, if it’s related to his privacy or not because he’s really comfortable with you and doesn’t want you to leave just because of his closed attitude.

When your partner shows and does the signs above, then love him with all your heart. Trust me if you continue to be with him, he will always make you happy. He is really afraid of losing you, that’s why you have to love him so that his fear doesn’t come true.…

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Things To Do If You Have Roommates

Things To Do If You Have Roommates – Staying with a roommate is not an easy matter. The case of different hygiene standards, maybe just one that has to be extra patient. One of the most common cases is that when one of them is sick, the roommate is the first to catch it.

In a situation where everyone must be aware of the spread of the corona virus like now, the lifestyle with roommates must also be improved. Instead of being an extra burden on the mind, living with a roommate should actually make us feel like we are friends

1. Encourage him to have a healthy lifestyle

If you used to live with a dirty roommate before, now is the time for you to change him. Talk openly about serious funds about a healthy lifestyle and encourage him to do so.

2. Start a cleaning schedule

Maybe you have had a disagreement with your roommate over a cleaning schedule that didn’t work. Now, make the right moment to relive the schedule again. If previously washing door knobs, cabinets, and drawers was not included in the list, it’s better now to add it immediately, OK.

3. Hygiene product shopping fees

Yup, this advantage can only be achieved by people who live together. You can join forces to buy cleaning products, such as hand sanitizers, hand washing soap, mop soap, and bathroom cleaners. Remember, you have to improve cleanliness in all places in the house inside, huh.

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4. Discuss the risk factors for each

Each person’s risk factors can vary. You must understand your own risk factors before discussing them with your roommate. That way, you can provide understanding and at the same time ask for the response you want from your roommate.

5. Mentally support each other

With hoaxes scattered everywhere about the corona virus, you and your roommate have to be able to calm each other down. In situations like these, it’s important to always be calm, alert, and educated. Don’t you feel anxious just because of unnecessary things, huh!…

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Characteristics of Domestic Violence

Characteristics of Domestic Violence – bad behavior committed by a person towards their partner, in which the perpetrator commits violence in the form of physical, sexual, and use of words and / or sentences that are not polite.

Although it can be experienced by anyone, usually the violence victims of  are women and can occur in all levels of society.

What about domestic violence cases in Indonesia? According to a report entitled “Domestic Violence During the Pandemic COVID-19” published in the Research Center
In December 2020, the DPR RI Expertise Agency, there were 11,105 cases of domestic violence reported during 2019. Furthermore, the number of reported cases of domestic violence has increased since the enactment of Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To get to know more about domestic violence, consider the following discussion, including the characteristics of you being a victim and how to get help. It should be noted, domestic violence does not only occur as a husband and wife relationship, but can also be experienced by someone who is in an affair or a relationship in the family.

1. Characteristics of actors

Before discussing the characteristics of a person who has been a victim of domestic violence, there is nothing wrong with knowing the general characteristics of the perpetrator. According to information from the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV), perpetrators of domestic violence have the following behaviors:

Likes to deny and belittle violent behavior committed against victims
Regarding the victim as property or possessions, not as a spouse or family member
Has low self-esteem and feels inadequate, even though he looks authoritative in front of many people
Tend to blame other people or other things for their bad behavior. For example, by saying that violence is the result of alcoholic drinking, or stress that causes him to commit domestic violence
Looks good in front of a lot of people, but behaves differently at home. There are also those who can show good or affectionate behavior towards their partner for a certain period of time before committing violence again. This change in behavior is like a cycle

2. Signs of having experienced domestic violence

Launching the Mayo Clinic, someone who is a victim of domestic violence will experience things like this:

Often threatened with using force, including with weapons
Often experiences physical violence such as being slapped, kicked, choked, and so on
The perpetrator arranged all the activities of the victim, such as going with whom, what clothes to wear, including wanting to know and trying to regulate the types of drugs the victim consumed.
The perpetrator limits and / or regulates the victim’s finances with the aim of limiting activities and movements
Victims are often insulted by the use of harsh and hurtful words
Victims are often accused of having an affair because the perpetrator feels jealous
The perpetrator prohibited and / or prevented the victim from working, studying, meeting with friends, even parents
The perpetrator forced the victim to have sexual intercourse against the will of the victim
Victims are often blamed for all the abusive acts of the perpetrator
Perpetrators often tell victims that they deserve harsh treatment

3. Emergency numbers and contacts for assistance

Contact Komnas Perempuan number: 021-3903963
Contact the WhatsApp number of the Indonesian Child Protection Commission (KPAI): 0811-177-2273
Fill out an online complaint on the official KPAI page: https://www.kpai.go.id/ complaint- form or open the www.kpai.go.id page then click the “online complaint” button
Call the emergency number: 119 ext. 8
Number of the Ministry of Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection (Kemen PPPA): 0821-2575-1234 or 0811-1922-911
The Legal Aid Institute for the Indonesian Women’s Association for Justice (LBH APIK) has branch offices in almost all parts of Indonesia. Open the https://lbhapik.or.id page then search for “profile” then select “member” and select the city of domicile

Open the https://dp3a.semarangkota.go.id/penguhan page then fill out the complaint form. Or call: 024-76402252

For those who live in Bandung and Bogor:

Jari Foundation on Jalan Sukajadi 149, Bandung. Hotline: 085-6216-1430
Emergency service 112 for the city of Bogor

For those who live in East Java:

Women Crisis Center (WCC) Jombang. Number: 0812-350-2062

For those who live in Bali:

Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia, Regional Office of Bali. WhatsApp number: 0811-381-1181 or 0361-224856

For those who live in North Sulawesi:

P2TP2A complaint hotline: 0431-8802030, 0812-4344-1300, 0812-4402-2005, 0812-4402-2004

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4. Have a plan to save yourself and your child

Victims of domestic violence can take these steps to protect themselves and their children (if any) from the perpetrator.

Prepare a bag containing clothes, important documents such as ID cards, bank books, diplomas, and medicines, then store the bag in a safe place, if necessary at the house of other family members

Always keep the telephone numbers of agencies, family members, religious leaders, neighbors, or religious institutions that you know well and can be contacted at any time
Avoid contact with people the perpetrator also knows
Get to know your neighbors or know a neighbor’s phone number that you trust well and understand your situation, so that if needed you can go to their house to ask for protection
If the situation at home is not good, for example the perpetrator is in an emotional state, avoid areas with lots of dangerous objects such as kitchens, warehouses, closed places where there are no doors and windows. As much as possible be in a place where, if in a precarious situation, you can get out of the house
If you have children at home, teach them how to call emergency numbers and important information such as full addresses and names of people to contact
Cash is always available, so whenever needed, you can use a taxi, buy phone credit, and so on
Always carry a cell phone with you, so you can immediately call the emergency number if the perpetrator commits violence. Make sure your cellphone always has credit and data packages, so you can contact the …

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Don’t Do This When Dating

Don’t Do This When Dating – Dating is indeed a common phase that many couples go through before marriage. It is in this phase that you and he will get to know each other and will also be in the process, can this relationship be continued to a more serious stage.

However, in dating there are also some feelings that you shouldn’t feel often.

1. Bored

Indeed, sometimes in a relationship, there is a feeling of boredom. However, if you feel it very often, it is not good either. This means that there is a conflict that is not felt but has an effect on the relationship. Immediately find a solution if you really want it to last until the end.

2. Feel free

The name is the same as the partner itself. Indeed, I feel reluctant to show appreciation to my partner. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t express your opinion or complain about your concerns just because you are reluctant. Try to learn to distinguish between those whose names are embarrassed and also respectful.

Because it could be, you don’t even honestly express your feelings. In fact, later, another bigger problem will occur and destroy the relationship that has been built.

3. Lonely

This is really strange if you have felt it often. Have a boyfriend how can you get bored? It also indicates a problem that may not be resolved, so your partner chooses to step aside and you become lonely.

Dating is indeed a common phase that many couples go through before marriage. It is in this phase that you and he will get to know each other and will also be in the process, can this relationship be continued to a more serious stage.

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4. Relationships are like walking in place

Humans always want to go up to the next grade. If it is stuck in one place, it will be difficult to develop. Likewise relationships. Maybe it’s been a long time you and him have been in a relationship. However, until now you still don’t know what you want in the future, when you want to get married, etc. This means the relationship is premature and in place.

5. Fear

This fear can have many sources. For example, they are afraid that their parents will find out about this relationship, or are afraid of how other people think of this relationship. The problem is how long will you be scared continuously every time you walk with him? Isn’t having a partner the goal of completing happiness? Therefore, you should immediately find a solution together with your partner, yes.

If indeed you have felt the five things above in a relationship, you should immediately communicate with your partner. Do not delay, because it could become a time bomb which could be fatal if it exploded.…

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Women Often Cry After Sex

Women Often Cry After Sex  – In our minds, sexual intercourse should create a feeling of happiness, comfort, and relaxation in the body. However, there are people who actually cry after doing it.

Apparently, crying after sex is quite normal and can happen to anyone. In that sense, many people experience this. Another study showed that 41 percent of male respondents also cried after sex. these cries are generally accompanied by a variety of feelings. Starting from sad, disturbed, to happy.

1. Happy cry

It is difficult to predict how the body will react after sexual intercourse. Especially if you have just had the greatest orgasm or other unique experience that you have never had before.

These intense feelings can make you emotional and eventually shed tears. In other words, you are so happy you cry. This often happens when sex is done with people we love.

2. Crying due to hormonal factors

Crying can also be caused by hormonal factors. Generally, orgasm makes dopamine and oxytocin levels skyrocket. Both play a role in creating feelings of happiness.

However, in certain cases the two hormones actually decrease dramatically after orgasm. This ultimately makes us feel sad and empty until we cry.

3. Pain after sexual intercourse

Crying is also closely related to painful sexual intercourse. In the medical world, this condition is called dyspareunia or the appearance of pain during sex. Generally, it is women who experience this.

There are several causes for the pain. The following include:

Lack of lubrication process;
Irritation of sex organs;
Vaginal infection;
Urinary tract infection;
Eczema in the area of ​​the sex organs;
Vaginal muscle tension;
Pelvic inflammatory disease;
Menopause side effects.

4. Anxiety disorders

Crying after sex can also occur due to anxiety disorders. This is often experienced by someone who has sexual performance anxiety or anxiety about his sexual performance.

They generally worry about not meeting their partner’s expectations, worry about body shape, facial expressions, and so on. When these feelings come to the surface, the person experiencing them is depressed and ends up crying.

5. Depression

A 2019 study from Queensland University of Technology, Australia, shows that depression and other psychological problems are closely related to postcoital dysphoria. This condition affects all aspects of life, including sex.

Depression is difficult to identify. However, generally this condition is characterized by continuous sadness, feelings of emptiness, anxiety, irritability, difficulty sleeping, and loss of interest in everything. If you or your partner experiences this, you should immediately consult a psychologist or psychiatrist.…

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