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Dangers That Happens When Making Love in Water

Dangers That Happens When Making Love in Water – In a husband and wife relationship, there will definitely be many things that will be done together, one of which is having sex. The longer a relationship is in the household, the more ideas there will be when making love. One of them is to make love in the water or pool. But you need to know that there are some dangers that will occur you know

1. Risk of slipping in the showerDangers That Happens When Making Love in Water

Almost all couples may have felt the feeling of making love under the shower. This method is indeed very pleasant because you can feel the water droplets falling.

Although fun, but you also have to be extra careful with the possibility of slipping. Use a non-slip rug on the lower floor of the shower to minimize the chance of slipping.


2. Risk of broken condom when in hot tub

Some people who want to feel the sensation of bathing in hot water may choose a hot tub as a reference. This is further strengthened by its own sensation when making love in a hot tub.

Though of course this is quite risky, especially for couples who use protection such as condoms. Hot tubs that contain hot water and chlorine can actually put condoms at risk of damage. If this is the case, the condom will not be able to function optimally.

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3. The risk of transmission in the bathtub

Some people who have a bathtub at home may choose it as a suitable place to make love with their partner. Apart from being intimate, the bathtub is also full of its own romance.

Whereas using a bathtub for sex can also potentially increase the risk of disease transmission. This is further exacerbated if you use a bath bomb during sex because it can cause urinary tract infections. Make sure to be extra careful in making love in the bathtub.

4. Danger of drowning in the swimming pool

There are many couples who have their own fantasies about having sex in a swimming pool. However, the sensation felt is also in line with the risk of possible harm.

One of the biggest risks is drowning, especially if one partner has fantasies of his own that are dangerous for the other. If you want to stay safe, then do it without adding various improvisations, let alone endanger yourself.