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Beware of Toxic Relationship Characteristics

Beware of Toxic Relationship Characteristics – In a relationship there will definitely be a problem that occurs, usually when a problem comes only certain people succumb to maintain a relationship. This kind of relationship is called a toxic relationship. Toxic relationship or toxic relationship is a term to describe an unhealthy relationship that can have a negative impact on a person’s physical and mental state. This relationship can not only occur in lovers, but also in the circle of friends, friendzone, and even family.

Beware of Toxic Relationship Characteristics

1. Always controlled by a partner
The most obvious sign of a toxic relationship is that one party always controls the other. For example, your partner will impose his will on the life you live.

So, whatever you do is all based on orders or approval from him, even though your wishes may not be in line. In addition, toxic people can also give silent treatment to control their partner’s emotions.

He may also utter a sentence that makes you have to do what he wants, for example, “I’m acting like this because I love you.” If you disobey him, he may accuse you of not loving him. This makes you inevitably follow his wishes.

2. It’s hard to be yourself
Because you are controlled too often, you can’t be yourself. You will always act like what he wants, not what you want. In fact, just to have an opinion, you can think many times for fear that what you say will be a mistake in his eyes.

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3. No support
A healthy relationship is a relationship that always supports each other. But in a toxic relationship, every achievement obtained will be considered a competition.

In fact, your partner may be displeased if you manage to do something that should make them proud. Instead of getting support and appreciation, you get harsh words and un-constructive criticism that actually hinders your success.

4. Always suspected and restrained
Jealousy in relationships between partners is actually a normal reaction as a form of caring. However, the relationship will become toxic if this jealousy is excessive or makes your partner do extreme things, such as confiscating your cellphone or bumping into the person he or she is jealous of.

Relationships are also said to be toxic when the partner is too possessive. He always wants to know about all your daily activities and will get angry if you don’t answer his text messages immediately. In addition, sometimes he also forbids you to no longer wear certain types of clothes that might attract the attention of others.

5. Often lied to
Honesty is one of the foundations for forming a healthy relationship. However, if your partner often lies and covers things up, it’s a sign that you are currently in a toxic relationship.