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8 Things Couples Should Avoid When Newly Dating

8 Things Couples Should Avoid When Newly Dating – When a couple has just been dating (dating) usually the heart is full of happy feelings. At that time, it could be that each of them was confused about what not to do at the beginning of dating so that the relationship lasted long.
If you’re excited, nervous, and your stomach hurts, that’s perfectly normal. But, the most important thing is to keep your emotions in check.
There are some things that you need to hold on to when you’re together and just dating. Here’s a list of what you shouldn’t do at the start of a relationship

1. Don’t date because you just broke up
You just had your heart broken? Don’t get into a relationship right away. Take your time to heal yourself and get back to normal. Being in a relationship only moments after breaking up can damage a long-term relationship.

You better know your partner well, and so does he. So how will your new relationship work if you both don’t know each other? Wait until the time is right, be patient.

2. Don’t keep remembering your ex-girlfriend
Leave your past behind. If you’re always thinking about your ex-boyfriend, then your date isn’t making you happy. He’ll wonder if you’ve completely gotten over your ex or not.

3. Don’t hide anything
Don’t give a false picture of yourself. You can hide some aspects of your life and only portray the good side of you because you want to have a new lover. Let your lover know the real you, don’t create a fake personality.

4. Don’t get too excited about physical relationships
You may be so happy on your first date, act gracefully. Don’t rush into a physical relationship.

5. Don’t overdo it
Don’t overdo it when you’re in a new relationship. Calling him 10 times a day, texting I Miss You as often as possible will frighten your partner.

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6. Speak, not monologue
Don’t be the one to dominate the conversation throughout your date. Also listen to chatter from your partner. Chatting about your weight, problems with your girlfriends, cosmetic problems, and family can bore a partner.

7. Don’t always give surprises
Always plan events for the two of you. Occasional surprises are okay. But, if the surprises come often it will make him bored. He could be annoyed.

8. Don’t always sell expensive
Do not sell expensive, this can backfire. Whenever he asks you out, you always make excuses. The more you make him chase you, the further away he will be from you. Learn to balance between always being willing and selling expensive.